Bachelors of Arts – Business Management Generalist Degree Courses

The Business and Management degree programs at AC Global Learning incorporates basic management skills, theories, and social impact concepts. Students will gain the knowledge and insights critical to success in contemporary business management. Upon completion students will have prepared a portfolio of projects, plans, and practical experience.

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All Business Management students are required to take the same 8 courses in their Freshman year.

1st Semester

Course ID Course Name
BUS 1101 Business Management (Introduction)
BUS 1102 Business Communication
BUS 1103 Ethics in Business
BUS 1104 Human Resources Management

2nd Semester

Course ID Course Name
BUS 1105 Business Models
BUS 1106 Leadership & Management Skills
BUS 1107 Setting Goals
BUS 1108 Time Management

During the Sophomore, Junior, and Senior years Global Business Management students must take:

  • 8 courses from Group A of their chosen Degree Track

  • 8 courses from Group B of their chosen Degree Track

  • 8 courses from Group C (Electives) of their chosen Degree Track

Elective: An elective is any course offered by the university, including those in and out of the students major Degree Track.

Course ID Course Name
BUS 1201 Accounting I
BUS 1302 Economics I
BUS 1205 Finance
BUS 1403 Managing Change in Organizations
BUS 1502 Marketing Management
BUS 1303 Principles of Macroeconomics
BUS 1304 Principles of Microeconomics
BUS 1401 Project Management (Intro)
BUS 1411 Strategic Planning For-Profit
Course ID Course Name
BUS 1202 Accounting II
BUS 1302 Economics II
BUS 1503 Marketing: Business-to-Business
BUS 1551 Marketing on the Internet
BUS 1552 Marketing through Social Media
BUS 1405 Process Management
BUS 1421 Risk Management
BUS 1410 Small Business Management
BUS 1701 Sport Management, Introduction
BUS 1422 Supply Management

Group C Courses are electives. Students can select any course the university offers.