Bachelors of Arts – K – 5th Education

The K – 5 education online degree program provides the essential skills and knowledge needed to become a licensed teacher, as well as practice teaching in classroom instructional design, behavior management, learning styles, and assessment methods. Upon completion the student will have accumulated a professional portfolio.

Course descriptions may be viewed in the course catalog.

All teacher education students are required to take the same 8 courses in their Freshman year:

1st Semester

Course ID Course Name
EDU 2101 Introduction to Teaching
EDU 2102 Educational Psychology
EDU 2103 How Learning Happens
EDU 2104 Learning Styles

2nd Semester

Course ID Course Name
EDU 2105 Curriculum Design and Supervision
EDU 2106 Accelerated Learning
EDU 2107 Classroom Management
EDU 2108 Lesson Planning

During the Sophomore, Junior, and Senior years Global Business Management students must take:

  • 8 courses from Group A of their chosen Degree Track

  • 8 courses from Group B of their chosen Degree Track

  • 8 courses from Group C (Electives) of their chosen Degree Track

Elective: An elective is any course offered by the university, including those in and out of the students major Degree Track.

Course ID Course Name
EDU 2340 Adaptative Instruction
EDU 2501 Arts and Humanities (K-5)
EDU 2212 Classroom Management in Elementary
EDU 2301 Differentiated Curriculum
EDU 2401 Early Childhood Education Fundamentals
EDU 2221 Ethics and Educational Policy
EDU 2450 Health Safety and Nutrition
EDU 2451 Intercultural and Cosmopolitan Learning
EDU 2402 Learning and Cognition in Education
EDU 2319 Literacy Foundations of Instruction
EDU 2531 Observation and Assessment
EDU 2533 Practicum
EDU 2321 Reading Instruction
EDU 2322 Science Teaching Methods Elementary
EDU 2324 Teaching Maths (K-5)
EDU 2325 Teaching Natural Sciences
EDU 2326 Teaching Reading
EDU 2327 Teaching Writing
Course ID Course Name
EDU 2350 Accelerated Learning through Art
EDU 2341 Alternative Teaching Strategies
EDU 2430 Children with Special Needs
EDU 2502 Children’s Literature
EDU 2342 Classroom Accommodations and Modifications
EDU 2551 Education Around the World
EDU 2220 Educational Leadership
EDU 2552 Historical Perspectives
EDU 2251 Issues in Education
EDU 2320 Math for Early Childhood Teachers
EDU 2403 Perspectives of Early Childhood Education
EDU 2351 Using Art to Enhance Learning
EDU 2352 Using Movement to Teach
EDU 2404 Whole Brain Education
STEM 2812 Technology-Enhanced Lessons

Group C Courses are electives. Students can select any course the university offers.