Online Continuing Education Courses

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Course Name Start Dates
History of Game Development Immediately
Introduction to Game Design Immediately
Technology and Society Immediately
Computer Programming I Immediately
Introduction to Web Design Immediately


Course Name Start Dates
Corporate Social Responsibility Immediately
Project Management Leadership Immediately
Best Practices in Logistics & Custom between Mexico, USA & Canada Immediately
Digital Marketing & Social Networks & The Google Advantage Immediately
The Psychology of Attracting New Customers Training, for Non-Sale People Immediately
Starting a Non-Profit Immediately
Non-Profit Fundraising Immediately
Marketing your Non-Profit Immediately
Introduction to Non-Profit Immediately
Writing for Government Proposals Immediately

Teaching & Education

Course Name Start Dates
At-Risk Student Workshop Immediately
Accelerated Learning Training Immediately
At-Risk Student Workshop Immediately
Enhancing Language Development Immediately
Teaching Dual Language Immediately
Teaching ESL Immediately
Teaching ESL Vocabulary Immediately
Teaching ESL Grammar Immediately
Teaching ESL Reading Immediately
Teaching ESL Writing Immediately
Teaching ESL Science Immediately

Foreign Languages

Course Name Start Dates
Translator Training Immediately
ESL Immediately
ESL Speaking Naturally Immediately
Afrikaans Immediately
Albanian Immediately
Amharic Immediately
Arabic Immediately
Arabic (Egyptian) Immediately
Arabic (Iraqi) Immediately
Arabic (Sudanese) Immediately
Armenian Immediately
Azerbaijani Immediately
Azeri Immediately
Bengali Immediately
Bulgarian Immediately
Burmese Immediately
Bosnian Immediately
Chinese (Cantonese) Immediately
Chinese (Mandarin) Immediately
Croatian Immediately
Czech Immediately
Danish Immediately
Dari (Afghan Persian) Immediately
Dutch Immediately
Estonian Immediately
Farsi (Iranian Persian) Immediately
Finnish Immediately
French Immediately
Georgian Immediately
German Immediately
Greek Immediately
Haitian Creole Immediately
Hebrew Immediately
Hindi Immediately
Hungarian Immediately
Icelandic Immediately
Ilocano Immediately
Indonesian Immediately
Italian Immediately
Japanese Immediately
Kachin Immediately
Kazakh Immediately
Khmer (Cambodian) Immediately
Korean Immediately
Kurdish Immediately
Kyrgyz Immediately
Lao Immediately
Latvian Immediately
Lingala Immediately
Lithuanian Immediately
Macedonian Immediately
Malay Immediately
Malayalam Immediately
Mongolian Immediately
Nepali Immediately
Norwegian Immediately
Papiamento Immediately
Pashto Immediately
Polish Immediately
Portuguese Immediately
Punjabi Immediately
Romanian Immediately
Russian Immediately
Serbo-Croatian Immediately
Shona Immediately
Sinhala Immediately
Slovak Immediately
Slovenian Immediately
Somali Immediately
Sotho Immediately
Spanish Immediately
Swahili Immediately
Swedish Immediately
Tagalog Immediately
Tajiki (Tajik Persian) Immediately
Tamil Immediately
Telugu Immediately
Tetun Immediately
Thai Immediately
Tibetan Immediately
Tigrinya Immediately
Turkish Immediately
Turkmen Immediately
Ukrainian Immediately
Urdu Immediately
Uzbek Immediately
Vietnamese Immediately
Visayan Immediately
Wolof Immediately
Xhosa Immediately
Yoruba Immediately
Zulu Immediately

Accounting & Finance

Course Name Start Dates
Accounting Fundamentals I Immediately
Accounting Fundamentals II Immediately
Personal Finance Immediately
Money Management Immediately

College Readiness

Course Name Start Dates
Introduction to Math Immediately
Introduction to Algebra Immediately
Introduction to Statistics Immediately
Introduction to Biology Immediately
Introduction to Phycology Immediately
Introduction to Chemistry Immediately
Introduction to Anatomy Immediately

Test Preparation

Course Name Start Dates
GED Preparation Immediately
GMAT Preparation Immediately
SAT Preparation Immediately

Writing & Publishing

Course Name Start Dates
Fundamentals of Technical Writing Immediately
Effective Business Writing Immediately
Resume Writing Immediately
Writing Essentials Immediately