Doctorate of Higher Education (48 hours)

This doctoral program prepares participants to positively contribute to areas such as research, governance, policy development, law, history of education, and the teaching/learning process. Through a diversified curriculum, participants will be exposed to leadership theories, dynamics of change, and the integration of a cybernetics framework and be prepared to work toward a research platform, governance, and teaching agenda that complement the higher education context.

Course descriptions may be viewed in the course catalog.

Course ID Course Name
EDU 2380 Curriculum in Higher Education
EDU 2671 Faculty and Academic Governance in Higher Education
EDU 2670 Organization and Governance in Higher Education
GMBA 1101 Project Management
EDU 2939 Dissertation 4 – 12 hours
Course ID Course Name
GMBA 1001 Accounting I
GMBA 1002 Accounting II
EDU 2361 Adult Learning Theories
EDU 2672 Diversity and Higher Education
EDU 2462 Educational Policy Development
EDU 2682 Enrollment Management in Higher Education
EDU 2461 Ethics in Education
EDU 1005 Grant Writing
EDU 2902 Independent Study (Ph.D.)
EDU 2912 Internship in Higher Education (Ph.D.)
EDU 2383 Issues in Global Education
EDU 2611 Leadership and Team Dynamics
EDU 2682 Legal Issues in Higher Education
EDU 2648 Philanthropy and Resource Development in Higher Education
EDU 2684 Students Affairs Profession in Higher Education