Doctorate in Martial Arts (Ph.D.)

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Completion of the Ph.D. level will be the equivalent of an 5th degree Black Belt.
“Post-Doctorate” students can work on their own, providing hours of instruction and other efforts, to advance to a 9th degree Black Belt.


Master Academic Martial Arts and approval of the HPER Dean.

Time Requirements:

The minimal amount of practice time for the Doctorate in Martial Arts curriculum is 450 hours. Students must document training hours and the sections practiced.

Curriculum Overview:

The Doctorate in Martial Arts curriculum will be mostly in the area of application in everyday life rather than in the isolation and security of a dojo. This does not mean the student should stop go to the training hall and go around looking for fights to start or break up. It is more about living a good, peaceful, enlightened life. The Ph.D. candidate is focused on interacting with life. Living and enlightened on all levels.

Learning Objectives:

In the Doctorate in Martial Arts program students will:

  • Develop and academic and scholarly approach to the study of martial arts
  • Demonstrate mastery of psionic and esoteric techniques
  • Demonstrate mastery of combining physical skills with psionic features
  • Demonstrate leadership in the classroom and the community
  • Incorporate the principles and activities of academic martial arts in everyday activities

Academic Curriculum:

Anatomy, Biology, Fine Arts, First Aid, Foreign Language, Geography, History, Performing Arts, Physical Education, Philosophy, Psychology, and Sociology.

Martial Arts Curriculum:

General Information, Activity Skills, Creativity, Escapes, Falling, Grappling (Wrestling), Healing, Katas, Leadership, Locks, Meditation, Navigation, Philosophy, Physical Conditioning, Psionics, Related Skills, Rolling, Sparring, Spiritual, Stealth, Survival Skills, Techniques, Dim Mak II, Throws, Weapons

Doctorate Dissertation:

Write a book on an approved topic related to martial arts. The dissertation most be a scholarly effort and follow APA guidelines.