A Certification Program often requires only a small number of classes to attain a professional certification. Many jobs today require professional certifications for advancement as well as entry level employment.

Course ID Course Name
IGW 5101 International Grant Writing Course
ICGW 5101-2 Certified International Grant Writer Exam
Course ID Course Name
BUS 1104 Human Resources Management
BUS 1552 Marketing through Social Media
BUS 1451 Job Coaching

Students are required to take ONE of the following courses:

Course ID Course Name
BUS 1621 Business Environment of Latin America
BUS 1631 Business Environment of Africa
Course ID Course Name
BUS 1452 Public Speaking
BUS 1453 Designing and Marketing a Presentation
Course ID Course Name
HPER 1501 Basic Coaching Fundamental Course
HPER 1502 Coaching Strength & Conditioning Principles
HPER 1503 Sport Specific Technical and Tactical Skills