Admission Statement

Top Reasons to enroll with AC Global Learning:

Dual Language

Most courses offered by AC Global Learning can be taken in either English or Spanish.

Flexible learning environment

PIU’s online course ware allows students to attend classes whenever they have time and wherever there’s an Internet connection, making it easier for professionals to juggle work, school, and family.

Choice of Assessment

In many courses students will be able to choose the method of assessments which best fits their learning style. Students can choose from a traditional standardized object test format or from a project based assessment method.

Inexpensive Tuition

AC Global Learning works hard to keep tuition fees low. Students should not amass a large debt in Student Loans which have to be paid back through their future earnings. Our goal is to keep student loans to a minimum so that our graduates can keep all of their money when working.

Individually Designed Curriculum

Most of the degree programs start with a few required courses to provide a broad general background in the student chosen field of student. Each student has access to an Academic Advisor to who will work with the student to design a 2 year, 4 year, and/or graduate degree curriculum specific to the interest and needs of the individual student.