Masters and Doctorate of Educational Leadership

The Masters and Ph.D. program in Education Leadership is aimed at preparing future principles, superintendent’s and other educational supervisory positions. The program emphasizes a theoretical and research focus on the leadership of groups, institutions, and organizations from an organizational and social psychology perspective. All required classes amass to a 48-hour requirement.

Course descriptions may be viewed in the course catalog.

Course ID Course Name
EDU 2361 Adult Learning Theories
EDU 2605 Leading Diverse Schools
EDU 2611 Leadership and Team Dynamics
EDU 2648 Philanthropy and Resource Development in Higher Education
EDU 2647 School Business Administration
EDU 2939 Doctorate Dissertation (4 – 8)
Course ID Course Name
EDU 2642 Personnel Administration
EDU 2649 Superintendency
Course ID Course Name
GMBA 1001 Accounting I
EDU 2601 Administration of School Personnel
EDU 2362 Alternative Learning Styles
EDU 2645 Bi-lingual Education Administration
EDU 2602 Communications in Educational Leadership
EDU 2360 Curriculum and Instruction Theory
EDU 2610 Educational Leadership Theory
EDU 2462 Educational Policy Development
EDU 2461 Ethics in Education
EDU 2310 Evaluation in the School Program
EDU 1005 Grant Writing
EDU 2912 Independent Study (Doctorate)
EDU 2383 Issues in Global Education
EDU 2631 Issues in School Administration and Supervision
EDU 2611 Leadership and Team Dynamics
EDU 2604 Leading Change in Educational Organizations
EDU 2633 Leadership and Organizational Theories in Schools
EDU 2641 Principalship
EDU 2647 School Business Administration
EDU 2644 Special Education Administration
EDU 2606 Strategic Planning in Education
EDU 2643 Supervision for Instructional Development
EDU 2372 Teacher Supervision and Evaluation
EDU 2570 Technology Integration in Schools
EDU 2646 Technology Leadership