Masters of Academic Martial Arts

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This course focuses on mastering the physical, mental and esoteric skills of a total martial arts program. Completion of this course is the equivalent of 3rd degree Black Belt. This course will fine tune physical skills as well as introduce and explore more esoteric knowledge and application.


Bachelors of Academic Martial Arts or approval of the HPER Dean.

Time Requirements:

The minimal amount of practice time for the Masters of Academic Martial Arts curriculum is 400 hours. Students must document training hours and the sections practiced.

Curriculum Overview:

The curriculum and requirements are listed alphabetically and are not intended to be in a specific order or sequence of learning. Students should learning and practice multiple skills simultaneously.

Learning Objectives:

In the Masters of Academic Martial Arts program students will:

  • Develop an academic and scholarly approach to the study of martial arts
  • Master the physical martial arts skills
  • Learn how to apply esoteric and psionic abilities to physical skills
  • Demonstrate leadership in the classroom and their community
  • Incorporate the principles and activities of academic martial arts in everyday activities

Academic Curriculum:

Anatomy, Biology, Fine Arts, First Aid, Geography, History, Performing Arts, Physical Education, Philosophy, Psychology, and Sociology.

Martial Arts Curriculum:

Activity Skills, Creativity, Dim Mak I, Escapes, Falling, Footwork, General Information, Grappling (Wrestling), Healing, Katas, Leadership, Locks, Meditation, Navigation, Philosophy, Physical Conditioning, Advanced Psionics, Related Skills, Rolling, Sparring, Spiritual, Kundalini, Stealth, Survival Skills, Throws, Weapons

Masters Thesis:

Write a focused essay on an approved topic related to martial arts. The dissertation must be a scholarly effort and follow APA guidelines.