Why AC Global Learning?

AC Global Learning, based in the United states of America, serves students throughout the Americas, Europe, Africa, and Asia. International students with degrees from AC Global Learning are highly sought-after by employers. A degree from AC Global Learning will give you the qualifications you need to be internationally successful after graduation.

AC Global Learning strives to provide for alternative learning styles and alternative assessment methods in our course curriculum. The primary learning and assessment at AC Global Learning is based on Active Learning and Accelerated Learning. Students will generate a portfolio of working business documents, plans, and strategies. Students will also be provided the opportunity to gain practical business management experience.

Students are able to take all courses in either English or Spanish.

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Graduate Without Student Loan Debt

Currently AC Global Learning does not provide or accept any student financial aid programs or payments. Instead, AC Global Learning has chosen to reduce high administrative and other indirect costs to be able to provide an affordable and quality education for all students. The additional benefit is that our students graduate without any student loan debt.