Business Management, Introduction – BUS 1101


This course will demonstrate how the business economy operates and ties in with personal resource management. Students will learn the basis of our economic environment, and business operations including government in our global economy and small business management. The course combines concepts with practical applications to real world situations.

1st year student

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify what constitutes a business plan and the role businesses play in our economy.

  • Define categories of business ownership and criteria for ownership structure selection.

  • Define categories of management and organizational structure and identify types of management structure from an organizational chart.

  • Identify appropriate target markets and market segments.

  • Identify common financial statements used in business decision-making.

  • Define different types of management approaches and strategies.

  • Identify the role of ethics in business decision-making.

Recommended Text:
Introduction to Business. 2010. Jeff Madura Business. Jan 1, 2011. William M. Pride and Robert J. Hughes