Technology and Society – SOC 1112


The course will examine the relationship between technology and human society; how technology influenced the development of society, how society influenced the development of technology, and how people in society view technology. The course will provide current and historical examples and information from around the world. Although many people think technology is an application of science, technology can develop without science, as shown, for example, by the appearance of pottery and metallurgy.

1st year student

Learning Objectives:

  • learn key theories about the relationship between technology and society.

  • understand how to solve societal problems with technology

  • identify some problems which may be caused by technology.

Recommended Text:
Technology and American Society (2nd Edition). 2004. Gary Cross and Rick Szostak
Technology and Society: Issue for the 21st Century and Beyond, 3rd Edition. 2007. Linda S. Hjorth and Barbara A. Eichler