HPER – Semester III – AMA 3201


This course is a continuation of learning the basics of a comprehensive and academic martial arts program. Completion of AMA 3201 & 3202 is the equivalent of a mid-level beginner student, similar to a green belt in many systems.

Time Requirements:
The minimal amount of practice time for the AMA 3201 curriculum is 160 training hours. Students must document training hours and the sections practiced.

By now all students will have a basic understanding of a comprehensive and academic approach to martial arts training. The AMA 3201 curriculum will continue to expand upon basic skills in martial arts training. Students should spend more time on unfamiliar and difficult areas.

Curriculum Overview:
The curriculum and requirements are listed alphabetically and are not intended to be in a specific order or sequence of learning. Students should learning and practice multiple skills simultaneously.

Learning Objectives:
In the AMA third semester students will:

  • develop and academic and scholarly approach to the study of martial arts

Academic Curriculum:
Anatomy, Biology, Fine Arts, First Aid, Foreign Language, Geography, History, Performing Arts, Physical Education, Philosophy, Psychology, and Sociology.

Martial Arts Curriculum:
Activity Skills, Blocks/Avoidance, Escapes, Falling, Footwork, General Information, Healing, Katas, Locks, Arm Bars and Controlling Techniques, Meditation, Navigation, Philosophy, Physical Conditioning, Related Skills, Rolling, and Striking.