HPER – Semester II – AMA 3102


This course is a continuation of fundamental martial arts skills required to participate in and complete more advanced skills. Completion of AMA 3102 is the equivalent to a low level beginner belt, such as a yellow belt or orange belt in some systems.

Time Requirements:
The minimal amount of practice time for the AMA 3102 curriculum is 1600 training hours. Because of differences in starting experiences there is not a minimum time for any one section. Students must document training hours and the sections practiced.

Curriculum Overview:
The curriculum and requirements for the 2nd Semester will be provided to registered students and are listed alphabetically. They are not intended to be practiced in a specific order or sequence of learning. Students should learn and practice multiple skills simultaneously.

Learning Objectives:
In the AMA second semester students will:

  • Learn the basic, fundamental, and comprehensive skills required of a martial artists

  • Develop a physical mental, healing, and academic approach to martial arts training.

Academic Curriculum:
Anatomy, Biology, Fine Arts, First Aid, Foreign Language, Geography, History, Performing Arts, Physical Education, Philosophy, Psychology, and Sociology.

Martial Arts Curriculum:
Activity Skills, Blocks/Avoidance, Escapes, Falling, Footwork, General Information, Grappling (Wrestling), Healing, Katas,Locks, Arm Bars and Controlling Techniques, Meditation, Navigation, Philosophy, Physical Conditioning, Psionics, Related Skills, Rolling, Sparring, Stealth, Striking, Throws, and Weapons.