HPER – Semester I – AMA 3301


This course is a continuation of learning and implementing the basics of a comprehensive and academic based martial arts program. Completion of this course is the equivalent of a 1st degree Black Belt. There are four additional semesters to achieve the Bachelor of Academic Martial Arts. – AMA 3301, AMA 3302, AMA 3401, and AMA 3402.

Time Requirements:
The minimal amount of practice time for the Bachelors curriculum is 600 training hours. Students must document training hours and the sections practiced.

Curriculum Overview:
The curriculum and requirements are listed alphabetically and are not intended to be in a specific order or sequence of learning. Students should learning and practice multiple skills simultaneously.

Learning Objectives:
In the Bachelors program students will:

  • Develop and academic and scholarly approach to the study of martial arts

  • Perform physical skills at a proficient level including explaining the name, origin, anatomy, and physiology of each technique.

  • Demonstrate a proficiency in different meditation techniques

  • Demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the origins and development of martial arts systems

  • Develop the knowledge and skills worthy of a Black Belt

Academic Curriculum:
Anatomy, Biology, Fine Arts, First Aid, Foreign Language, Geography, History, Performing Arts, Physical Education, Philosophy, Psychology, and Sociology.

Martial Arts Curriculum:
Activity Skills, Blocks/Avoidance, Escapes, Falling, Footwork, General Skills, Grappling (Wrestling), Healing, Immobilization, Katas, Leadership, Locks, Lock Picking, Arm Bars, Controlling Techniques, Meditation, Navigation, Philosophy, Physical Conditioning, Pressure Points, Psionics, Related Skills, Rolling, Sparring, Spiritual, Fire Walk, Stealth, Survival Skills, Throws, Weapons

Senior Paper:
Write scholarly article about any aspect of martial arts training. Include and analysis and synthesis of distancing, timing, balance, attention, and application.

In-person Training Seminars:
AMA students are encouraged to attend one or more In-person Training Seminars before graduation. Attendance at an In-person training Seminar is required for the master and Ph.D. training programs.